The Youth Moot Parliament is a flagship program of Youth Aid Africa under the Governance Component. The program works in such a way that young people from across the country come together in the National Parliamentary Chambers to deliberate on key issues affecting them, so as to contribute towards legislative efforts meant to improve their welfare. Through petitions, policy recommendations and fused synergies, the program will effectively enhance young peoples participation in decision making and governance processes.

Program Goal:

The goal of the program is enhancement and catalyzing multi-disciplinary approach to effecting meaningful participation of young people in decision making and governance processes, build their confidence and further create an informed mass of young citizenry for responsive policy and legislative recommendations for national development.

Programme Objectives:

    1. To open space for young people to freely debate on critical issues affecting them as young people and thus catalyze their meaningful participation and contribution to governance and development processes in Uganda and East Africa..
    2. To deepen young peoples understanding of parliamentary democracy and procedure, and so uphold and advance its practices and values, thereby strengthening the relationship between the parliament of Uganda and the young people across the country.
    3. To provide participants with an opportunity to acquire and improve upon many skills such as public speaking, debate, presentation, research and organizational skills, aiding their personal development.
    4. To advocate and lobby for a strong youth voice in the Regional and continental legislative engagements for sustainable regional and continental integration.

Target Audience:

The program targets;

  1. The National Youth Council and district youth representatives (b) Youth running grassroots community based organizations
  2. Young entrepreneurs, and media practitioners
  3. Youth leaders in the CSO sector,
  4. Youth leaders in the private and informal sectors
  5. Youth leaders in education institutions
  6. Policy makers from politics and state bureaucracy,

Pre- Event Activities:

A series of activities precede the main event to enhance more sustainable impact on the governance and development of Uganda and East Africa.

Proposed date:

The second live edition is proposed for 09th August, 2019 and will take place in the
chambers of the Parliament of Uganda.
At the event, there will be online discussions and digital dialogues to further publicize the process;

Post-event Activities:

As part of the post events, position papers and policy proposals will be developed and presented to respective entities, to inform policy and programming.

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