YOUTH, DEMOCRACY AND GOVERNANCE: Role of the Youth in Democratization in Uganda

Africa Youth Experts Meeting on Youth, Democracy and Good governance under the theme “Role of the Youth in Democratization in Uganda” was organized by Youth Aid Africa in collaboration with a number of youth focused organizations. Youth Aid Africa aims to commit itself to interventions aimed at promoting youth participation in democracy and governance, and reducing youth unemployment. The panel also believes the policy, strategic and programmatic actions required to address youth unemployment and underemployment should be immediate, deliberate, and multi-sectoral. The main areas of focus of the panel are centered on youth employment, Governance and youth Participation.

The main objectives of the conference included the following among others to:

  • Form a think –tank working group to provide recommendations and expert advice to the government on issues of youth unemployment and to identify options for the group’s engagement, and
  • Bring together youth experts, relevant civil society organizations and development partners to deliberate on initiatives for translating the commitments of reducing youth unemployment in Africainto tangible programmatic actions.