1. 2014 The Katanga youth Entrepreneurship Camp in which 20 out of school young people were equipped with basic business skills.

2. 2014 Career guidance series reach out to Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Makerere Metropolitan Management Institute.

3. 2014 Public Dialogue at Makerere University on responsible studentship

4. 2015 Public Dialogue on contextualizing Vision 20140; the role of the youth

5. 2015 Kampala goes green community cleanup in Kampala in Partnership with KCCA

6. 2015 Public Dialogue on youth livelihood and the youth question in Uganda.

7. 2016 Youth Conference on governance.

8. 2016 Public Dialogue on Youth and citizenship in Uganda in Partnership with UYONET under Keeping the Promise with funding from Crossing Boarders.

9. 2016 Public Dialogue on the role of young elites in shaping national prominence, in partnership with UYONET with funding from DGF.

10. 2017 Leadership and Peace Building Academy (LPBA) Inaugural edition.

11. 2017 – Advocacy in terms of publication with the leading newspaper in the country.

12. 2018 Reusable sanitary towels production project for refugees in Bidibidi Refugee Camp.

13. 2018 Round-table discussions on the refugee question in Uganda