“When our children are assured of survival and health, provided with a good education, protected from war and violence, and when youth participate in the democracy and development of their countries, then Africa will be set to claim the 21st century” – K Y Amoako

It is sad to note that Global attention on terrorism is replacing Social Agenda. The global threat of terrorism has diverted and resources should directed toward training youth in their respective organizations as the next generation of leaders so as to prevent the social issues that are providing fertile ground for instability. Young people are the corner stone of Africa’s Development.

According to the African Common Position, Para 6, “We recognize that the future of Africa lies with the well-being of its children and youth. The prospect for the socio-economic transformation of the continent rests with investing in the young people of the continent. Today’s investment in children is tomorrow’s peace, stability, security, democracy and sustainable development.”

But the reality on ground is contrary to this aspiration. Did you for instance know that;
1.  Youth between the age 15-24 amount to 1.1 billion and constitute 18% percent global population and together with the one below age 24 amount to 40 percent of global population.
2.  133 Million Youth remain illiterate in the world.
3.  Youth constitute 41 percent of the world unemployed.
4.  238 million youth live on less than $1 per day.
5.  7000 young become infected with HIV daily, girls and young women being the most victims.
6.  There are more than 300 000 child soldiers in the World today.

NB: Despite UN recognition that youth should are valuable resource for advancement communities National Youth Policies have not yet responded fundamental Youth issues in Africa

As Youth Aid Africa, we shall commit our resources, skills, efforts and careers to doing our part to implement programs meant to better this situation.