YAA has designed a social responsibility and public accountability model that voluntarily trigger citizens decision to contribute to the progress of the society and also to defend the environment thus integrating social and environmental problems into operation and the interaction with their stakeholders in the public institutions. YAA contributes to working towards respect and protection of citizens rights, through promotion of the notions of Institution Building. Generally promotes the citizens role to participate in governance matters include monitoring the behavior of public officials and agencies to ensure they work and operate within the law and set guidelines; Exposure of corrupt and unethical conduct and violators of the law while advocating for appropriate sanctions; Advocacy for legal and institutional reform for the better and more accountable governance; Promoting good governance awareness and social responsibility literacy. This program area contributes to SDG 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice and build effective accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels in the country.

Our Stories:

“It was a great pleasure for me to attend a meeting organized by Youth Aid Africa for  youth to discuss issues of youth and democratic governance. It was really a platform from experience and expertise in the government. Good governance can lead young people to find a large number of different production and different ideas. Its a big key to work together with the government and young people. I would like to thank friends, Youth Aid Africa for the invitation, I would advise  you to continue  encouraging and intensifying the work you are doing for the youth”.