• Required Attachments

  • Applicants must provide their CV and a letter of recommendation. This letter should address your personal and intellectual qualities, ability to work with others (including intercultural skills/cultural sensitivity), and relevant interests, skills and experiences.


As one would expect from a programme that seeks to raise the cream of East Africa’s future leaders, who are deemed to bring about massive social change throughout the region & continent, the selection process shall be rigorous and thorough.
Once a call for applications has been sent out, prospective candidates shall be required to submit an application to the LPBA here. Please watch this space as the application system will be opened sometime after May, 2017.

Thank you for your interest in taking part in LPBA.

In the mean time, follow the online discussion on Facebook here and Twitter here and note that your participation in our online interaction counts in as far as your admission into the Academy is Concerned.

The Official Harsh Tag for this year’s Inaugural Academy is #LPBA17