Sharing experiences from the Peace Building Institute

By: Never Again Rwanda in Kigali, Rwanda


We have heard and watched numerous movies and documentaries about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

At Murambi hill, you are welcomed by a humbling silence that alerts you that you are entering a historical place, a place where the bigger part of the genocide story is told. Formally constructed to house a technical training institute, Murambi would later act as a mass murder scene and later a mass eternal home for more than 50,000 victims of the famous 1994 genocide.

As the massacres escalated in major parts of he country, the local leaders would mobile the remaining Tutsi and keep them at Murambi hill under the guise of guaranteeing their security. This would however (as intended) help the perpetrators of the killings to access the Tutsi with ease and kill them. These stories are well written and painted on the walls of the main Murambi site building.

The story of the genocide is further made visible by hundreds of the bodies that are visible to whoever visits the site. You will be drawn to tears by the very many bodies of young children, women and men you Will see at Murambi. This is something every peace loving person should come to contact with.

The government of Rwanda has allowed access of this and many other scenes that tell the story of the genocide. The peoples of Rwanda and East Africa as well as the whole world need to learn and resolve to maintain peace amidst diversity. The youth of Rwanda, East Africa, Africa and the world still have a blank page on which to re write the history of our communities and direct the future. It is everyone’s responsibility to make our world a better place to live in.

Fellow young people, let’s pledge peace, let’s seek to engage whoever is responsible to claim our space and involve in ensuring good governance, peace building, poverty eradication and refuse to be misled by any wicked person on the land. This is my call on every young person wherever you are.

I thank you

Alexander Kyokwijuka
Executive Director
Youth Aid Africa