Youth Aid Africa provides the youth with invaluable opportunities to connect with other young citizens in their communities and to learn from experts in various fields. The youth  have access to unique resources such as online discussion sessions and our physical events which come with a lot of knowledge sharing and learning new ideas. Already, nearly 2,000 young people have joined our networks. Explore this site to learn more about Youth Aid Africa and all the ways you can be involved.

For instance;

  1. Do you want to learn about actions you can take to address a social challenge in your community or protecting your rights and the rights of other young people? Are you trying to grow your small business? Do you want to improve your networking skills? Have you struggled with debate and public speaking? Take off time and attend any of our online discussions both on Facebook and Whats App as well as on twitter to learn a few things.
  2. Do you want to get inspired by other young people who have achieved to some reasonable level? Every day, Youth Aid Africa Network members share their extraordinary landmarks. You can learn more about their achievements – and access practical information to help you achieve your own goals by always following our discussions.
  3. Have you been looking for a platform where you can share your ideas and have them reach the right people in leadership and in the community where you live? We have the platform for you and we shall amplify your voice to reach the right people for your idea to be implemented or enable you get supported to implement your idea. Youth Aid Africa is also a platform to help members network with like-minded youths in their area and organize meetings and events focused on the topics that matter most to them and their community.