Our Objectives

  1.  To assist and/or run programs aimed at uplifting the involvement of the youth in governance through civic engagement programs, advocacy campaigns and social networking.
  2.  To contribute to efforts that focus on economically empowering the youth through skills capacity building and experiences to enable them competitively appreciate their environment.
  3.  To assist and/or run programs aimed at uplifting the welfare of the orphaned and vulnerable children I different parts of the country.
  4.  To equip the Youth with employability skills such as communication, presentation and leadership skills, customer care, time management and team work through a multitude of public dialogues, seminars, workshops and conferences conducted by the youth.
  5.  To strengthen networking and linkage between like-minded youth and other innovative stakeholders to assist them in impacting society.
  6.  To conduct youth mentorship programs through which the youth can share their ideas with a possibility of logistical assistance to help them realize their dreams.

Core Values

  1. Team work
  2. Transparency and accountability.
  3. Objectivity.
  4. Consensus building.
  5. Respect for and appreciation of diversity.
  6. Professionalism.