What is YAA?

Youth Aid Africa -YAA is a development initiative that was established in 2012 and incorporated as Company Limited by Guarantee under the Laws of Uganda (The Companies Act. 2012) on 29th September 2016; Its registration number is 229349. YAA is a national organization, established to undertake advocacy for good and participatory governance, promotion, protection and prevention of abuse to citizens fundamental rights; empower citizens through livelihood interventions that reduce vulnerability, and to contribute to creation of social systems that promote peace, human welfare and sustainability of the environment on which life depends.
Our portfolio of work is based on the values of humanitarian motivation and obligation towards building the ability of individuals and communities to draw on a range of assets to effect change, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas where livelihoods depend entirely on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Since inception of YAA, a good number of individuals and communities, refugee have been supported, empowered, rehabilitated and reintegrated to the society. Dealing with different individuals, communities and refugees presents unique situations which require diversification in provision of solutions. In this, we have not only reached out to the refugees but the host community in which they live as well.

Currently, YAA activities are in six districts of; Wakiso, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Kabale, Rubanda, Kisoro and Yumbe. As much as these are not the only districts facing the challenges of governance, livelihood, advocacy and refugee associated issues, YAA is willing to extend its activities to the rest of the districts across the country and to work with various partners in the service delivery. We have also aligned our programs to contribute to SDGs. The goals have been localized and they include goal 1. End poverty, 3. Good Health and wellbeing, 5. Gender equality, 10. Reduced inequalities, 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions and 17. Partnerships for the goals.

Our programs cover, the enhancement of citizenry participation in local Governance, capacity building for development programs, rehabilitation and reintegration of refugees and refugee host communities.


An economically empowered and civically oriented population in Uganda and Africa.


To empower, mentor and train the youth through advocacy, coordinated empowerment and capacity building as entry points to re-dress youth needs and enhancing good governance in Uganda and Africa.


1. To advocate for actualization of citizens rights to participate in actions of governance through increased understanding of their role and responsibilities as a way of ensuring transparency and good governance as well prioritizing and supporting the building of national capacities of zero tolerance to corruption and also an ethical public office management culture.
2. To strengthen citizens capacities of promulgation of the ethical code through promotion of citizens rights and moral duties of the Public Institution, thereby enabling ethical-social responsibility of each member in the community to prevent irresponsible and illegal behaviors in the Public Institutions.
3. To build capacity of communities and other support structures for realization of effective and efficient service delivery
4. To empower communities to increase capacities to meet their needs through access of information; skills empowerment; knowledge dissemination and awareness raising among the communities.
5. To contribute towards the all-rounded support for the refugees, host community affected by the crisis, in fulfilling their basic rights for dignified living in refugee camps and building the community resilience.

Our Core Values.

a) Team work
b) Transparency and Accountability
c) Partnerships
d) Innovation
e) Volunteerism